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Mobile Dustless Blasting

unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Mobile Dustless Blasting

Dustless Mobile Blasting by Purthermal of Hickory, NC. Purthermal, LLC is focused on providing excellent quality results and customer experiences primarily in the metal refinishing, powder coating, heat exchanger and fabricated tubing sectors. With that said, we are always open to new challenges in mobile surface preparation/restoration and will consider any type of project (removing rust, paint or powder coat, graffiti, mineral deposits, marine growth).

We provide mostly dustless (wet) blasting services but are equipped and capable of dry blasting with soda, sand, coal slag, or other types of media. With our onboard air drying and cooling equipment, we can even offer basic priming and painting services in some cases. For our commercial clients, we will travel great distances and remain on site until the job is done for customers with larger needs.

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Our Process

We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to serve you, so please call or e-mail to let us know your mobile blasting needs. Thank you!

Safe and eco-friendly

Our process produces NO ignitable sparks, static electricity, or a huge plume of dust.

Improve your equipment

By removing rust and other contaminants, you’ll extend the lifespan of your machinery and see better performance.

Better than power washing

Our process obliterates the tough industrial-strength coatings that power washers and chemicals can’t remove.

Reduced Dust Plume

Our dust free process keeps surrounding areas clean, and allows others to continue working nearby safely.



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